Angela was helpful in so many ways. First, she was my inspiration in even thinking of a remodel for our home. She had a vision and drew me in. Secondly, from floors to ceilings she advised and encouraged us through the whole process. Third, she showed us through a web design what the rooms could look like. Fourth, she advised but didn't push. She let all final decisions be my choice. Fifth, she transformed the mundane into something so beautiful that I can't even believe it's the same place. In a remodel trust is very important between the designer and client. It wasn't easy at first because change isn't easy. However, the more I trusted in her advise and wisdom the happier I was with the stunning results.

Judy, Atascocita, TX

Angela is such a wealth of knowledge and creativity! Taking my scattered and unorganized Pinterest dreams, she provided a simple yet thorough plan of execution; guiding and encouraging every step of the way! I am just beyond thrilled with my cozy and beautiful home design! She is an absolute joy to work with and has made my dreams a reality! :D

Brittany, Humble, TX


I never thought of hiring a designer until I met Angela. I had no grand expectations when I inquired about what she might be able to do for me. From the moment she walked into my home she gave me ideas of what I could do to make the house flow better and give me extra space. I am beyond head over heels at the complete transformation. I can’t wait to share my home with others now! I love her!!!

Linda, Houston, TX


I honestly can’t say enough good about my experience. Besides being completely professional and complimentary, Angela is kind and easy to work with. From furniture to wall color and even accessories, she was naturally talented at making my style come to life. My house is now a home and a beautiful one at that! Thank you Angela!

Kris, The Woodlands, TX


Angela’s eye for design took our outdated home interior and made it bright and airy. We now feel like we are in a brand new home. The colors and décor she chose are so inviting and refreshing it’s like being in a retreat. This delightful change would not have been possible without her inspiration and guidance.

Norman, Atascocita, TX 


If you are looking for a world class design experience with an amazingly creative design aesthetic, Angela is your woman! Her attention to detail is flawless, her work ethic is astounding, and you'll always have her complete and undivided attention. I had the privilege of working with and getting to know Angela and I can't recommend her highly enough. She's responsive, passionate, fun, and really loves what she does. If you're lost, and thinking of hiring her, don't hesitate, it'll be one the best decisions you've ever made! 

Lauren, Philadelphia, PA


I feel so blessed to have found Angela Lahay Designs, LLC. Angela is a problem solver and master manager. From start to finish she was present in our project. I never had to worry about what was going to happen next. She is a great communicator and brilliant designer. I will definitely hire her again!

Jenn, Huffman, TX


There are certain things that each person is good at. Design is not one of those things for me. In my opinion, Angela was born for it. She is brilliantly talented at naturally matching decor and choosing color. I will no longer make a decorating decision without consulting her e-design service. 

Jay, San Diego, CA


Angela is more than a great designer, she is an outstanding person. Her creativity and passion for what she does is contagious. I have personally used her and love what she’s done in my home. I refer all my real estate clients to her for their design needs as well. 

Bethany, Houston, TX